Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why is a proper grip important?

     Of all the fundamentals pertaining to the golf swing I believe the grip is the most important. The reason is simple: The grip controls the position of the club face which determines the direction the ball flies. A correct  grip also allows for the proper hinging and unhinging of the wrists during the swing. Two things most players tell me they want are straighter shots and more distance. A proper grip will go a long way in helping players achieve both in their game.
      This is a great time of year to get a check up on your grip and other fundamentals that may very well be causing your shot problems. Players are often amazed how a slight adjustment in the way they're holding the club effects their shots.
      If this isn't your year for new equipment then this is a great time to get a check up for your existing ones. Come in and we'll do a lie check on your irons. We can adjust them in about 20 minutes if needed. We'll also check the condition of your grips and make sure they're sized properly. Call Steve at Golf Rx and make an appointment or stop by when you're in the neighborhood. 

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