Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have more fun on the course this year

If your game has been stuck in the same place for the past number of years now is the time do something about it.

Rather than camping out on the range ingraining the same bad habits give yourself the gift or better golf this year.

As an experienced and award winning instructor I will explain the cause of your shot problem, and how to adjust your stroke to cure your faulty shot. Better shots mean lower scores and more fun on the course. Call today to make an appointment.

Golf Rx is a PGA full service facility that offers indoor and outdoor instruction, custom fit golf equipment from Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway and Adams Golf and club repair services. We specialize in personal and professional service for our customers.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't neglect 40% of your score

Whether your handicap is 2 or 22 it is a fact that 40% of your strokes during a round of golf are with your putter. Doesn't sound possible does it? To prove my point track your number of putts during your next round of golf and divide it by your total score.

With putting being such a significant part of your score it makes sense to invest in a putter that is custom fit to your stature and stroke type.

Putter designs basically fall into three different categories: Face Balanced, Mid Hang and Toe Down which correlates to one of three stroke types: Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc. Results from years of testing prove that golfers putt more consistently when their putter balance matches their stroke type. The goal isn't to change your putting stroke, but to change your putter to a model that helps you be more consistent and make more putts.

Using the new iPing Putter App on our iphone we can now identify your type of stroke. Based on the results we can offer a list of putters matching your stroke type. A face balanced model for a straight stroke, a mid hang model for a slight arc and a toe down model for strong arc. We can also offer recommendations for length, lie and loft.

To schedule your putter fitting call Steve at Golf Rx.