Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer

I have been custom fitting golfers since 1989 and I can say without a doubt the Mizuno Shaft Optimzer is the best fitting tool I have come across. Utilizing the Shaft Optimizer along with the PFS Software literally takes the guess work out of the fitting equation for the correct shaft and lie angle of your new irons.
The Mizuno Performance Fitting System and the Shaft Optimizer provide the most accurate way to custom fit your new equipment by measuring 5 elements of your swing. Clubhead alone doesn't dictate which shaft should be the most effective for your swing as many of my customers have discovered.

What do we measure?
1. Clubhead Speed - How fast the clubhead and shaft are moving during the swing.
2. Tempo - How quickly the player transitions from the backswing to the downswing.
3. Shaft Toe Down - A measure of the bowing of the shaft in a downward direction during the      
4. Shaft Kick Angle - The amount of shaft forward bending during the downswing motion.
5. Release Factor - How and when the clubhead and shaft are releasing during the downswing motion.

This information regarding your "Swing DNA" and the PFS Performance Software quickly identifies the top 3 shafts for you. I have been utilizing the Shaft Optimizer for the past year and it has provided my customers with improved distance and shot dispersion 100 percent of the time. Call or come by and see how we can enhance your performance and confidence. I guarantee you will be impressed.