Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiger and Sergio need to grow up

I am tired and disgusted after watching the bickering and ranting going on between Tiger and Sergio. Here are the facts: These two grown men have gained fame and fortune because of the game of golf. They play the finest courses in the world and are treated like royalty everywhere they go. Either man could decide to quit golf tomorrow and never have to work another day the rest of their life. How many other people in their 20"s or 30's have this luxury because of a God given talent?
If it weren't for the game of golf Tiger would probably be in the military or working at a fitness club. Sergio would probably be teaching junior high and coaching soccer. Golf has given them everything they could have imagined. Instead of saying thank you and taking responsibility they both let their ego's prevail.
The game has given them so much and they have given nothing back except their unsportsmanlike conduct. It's time for them both to grow up and be accountable. Young people need positive role models and golf may just be the last professional sport to carry that message.