Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Considering new equipment? Let me sell your old clubs.

A lot of players in the market for new clubs are disappointed when they see the trade in values on their old equipment. Golf Rx offers you another option that can save you hundreds of dollars on your new club purchase.
I will sell your old clubs for you. Let's look at an example. Say you're in the market for a new set of irons and you are currently playing with a set of Taylor Made R7 irons, steel shaft 4-gw. The trade in price is $72.00. If I sell that set for you at $200.00 less the 15 % consignment fee that's almost $100.00 in savings for you towards your new set.
I have saved my customers hundreds of dollars toward their new equipment purchases by offering this service. If you're in the market for new equipment give me a call and we'll see how much we can save you as well.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I want to be more consistent...

      The most common request I hear from all my new students is "I want to hit the ball more consistently." In regards to the full swing this means controlling the flight of the ball, it's trajectory and the distance it travels. This may sound simple but even the game's most talented players struggle to maintain consistency.
      Imagine you need a par on the last hole to shoot your lowest score ever or to win your member event. After a good drive you are 175 yards from the green and select a 5 iron. With bunkers surrounding the narrow green the task is challenging but not impossible, right?
     But look at it from this perspective. With a hitting area on the clubface of only 2 inches, you have to strike a ball only 1.67 inches in diameter. The 15 ounce club, which builds up a dynamic pulling weight of nearly 100 pounds during the 1.5 second swing, has to be swung at a speed close to 90 miles per hour through an arc of 16 feet. The ball is only on the clubface for 0.00035 of a second, and to be hit the desired distance and direction it needs to be launched at an angle of 42 degrees.
     You can now see why consistency is a problem no matter how talented or gifted the player. If you add outside factors such as wind, the condition of the lie and the player's level of confidence to the equation, it shows how precise the swing has to be.   
      It is my opinion that the root cause of inconsistent ball striking is poor fundamentals that result early on in players developing bad swing habits. All too often these players then move from one tip to the next trying to find the key to great golf. In almost every case players seeking a short cut to a better game with quick fix solutions find they don't last more than one round.
     As a PGA Teaching Professional I use my 25 years experience and ability to diagnose the cause of a problem and quickly demonstrate the proper cure.  Rather than to try "changing" a person's swing, I point out what is causing their shot problem and explain how to correct it in a simple and concise manner. My goal is to help students achieve long term improvement that in turn rewards them with what they are seeking - A better golf game.