Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turn off the tube and turn to your PGA Pro

       Earlier this week I had the TV on here at the golf shop. Sometimes I'll have a news channel on and occasionally the Golf Channel if a tournament is scheduled.  This day I chose the Golf Channel. After the first hour I realized they had discussed no less than six golf tips for the weekend player. I was thinking to myself how confused the average player is going to be on his next trip to the course. Talk about information overload!
       The best thing you can do for your golf game is to put down the magazines, turn off the videos and stop watching the "Helpful Henrys" on television. Instead make an appointment with your PGA Professional. He or she will quickly diagnose the cause of your particular shot problem and explain how to correct it. It's that simple - no six swing tips that overload your brain and lead to meltdown on the course.
        Spring is here so now is the time to get your game and your equipment ready for the season. At Golf Rx we offer award wining instruction, custom fitted equipment and club repair services. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Soon open on Fridays

Golf Rx is growing so to better serve our increasing customer base we will be open Fridays beginning March 22nd. The hours on Friday will be from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Whether it's instruction, custom fitting or club repair our award winning service is available six days a week. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon at Golf Rx.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This year's new grip styles just arrived

      We just received this year's new grips from Golf Pride, Winn and Lampkin. Lot's of great colors, styles and textures to suit any player's preference and hand size. Come check them out.

      With warmer weather here now is the time to get your clubs ready for the season. Remember we offer same day service on re-gripping and loft and lie adjustment, and next day service on re-shafting.

     Perhaps this is the year you've decided to upgrade your old equipment. If so we proudly custom fit Ping, KZG, Taylor Made and Adams golf equipment. You wouldn't buy a suit off the rack without trying it on, nor should you invest in new clubs without having them custom fit for you. Call or stop by to learn more.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ineffective Practice

20 Most common shot problems

Lesson 20 of 20

Diagnosis:  Ineffective Practice

Unlike professionals who make a living playing golf most weekend players live busy lives that doesn’t allow for as much practice time as they would like. This fact makes it all that more important that your practice time emphasize quality rather than quantity. Effective practice should include these elements:

1.      Be goal oriented:  Limit yourself to one pre-swing thought and one swing thought. If you are working on swing techniques use a 6 or 7 iron rather than a driver, and choose a target at a closer distance than normal. This creates a slower tempo allowing your mind and body more time to absorb the command they are unfamiliar with. Stay focused on the specific technique or thought until you begin to feel and sense it.  

2.      Be organized: Effective practice helps you to develop the skill you’ll need on the course. Hitting 150 balls with only your long clubs may be fun, but it isn’t sensible considering your short game constitutes nearly two-thirds of your score. Create a schedule to work on different areas of your game. Spend the first half of your allotted time on the full swing and technique. Devote the second half to your short game including pitch shots, chipping, putting and bunker play.  

3.      Create a realistic environment: When hitting full shots visualize you are on the golf course. Always choose a target and make note to the distance to each target. Go through your set up process on every shot so that you’re using the same routine in practice as on the course. Work on specialty shots that you may encounter on the course such as low punch shots, slices or hooks around an imaginary tree, uneven lies, etc. The key is to create a practice environment as realistic as possible making for an easier transition to the golf course.

When you do have the opportunity to practice make the most of it. By having specific goals in mind, organizing your practice regiment and creating a realistic environment you’re using your time more effectively resulting in better performance on the course and lower scores.
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