Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tee to Retee Drill promotes hands, arms and wrists action

    I've never seen an accomplished player that doesn't have active arm and hand action. Most developed this early on as juniors or teenagers. The correct hand action is truly the heartbeat of the golf swing. The average golfer needs to feel the release of the clubhead in the cocking, uncocking and recocking of the hands and wrists.

   Here is a great drill to help you feel the role your hands play in the golf swing. It is called the Tee - to - Retee Drill.

    Place a tee in the butt end of the grip of a 6 iron and put 2 tees in the ground along the target line, one about 3 feet directly behind the ball, the other about 3 feet in front. Take your normal stance and swing the club back, consciously cocking the club so the tee in the grip points to the tee behind the ball. Then on the through swing, purposely uncock your wrists so the tee in the grip points to the tee in front of the ball.
   This drill will train your hands, arms, and wrists to uncock the clubhead earlier on the downswing, thereby creating more clubhead speed and helping to square the clubface at impact. An interesting point, the more relaxed your grip pressure and arms the faster the clubhead will be moving.