Thursday, May 26, 2016

The fastest way to lower your scores

     Statistics show that 65% of strokes during a round of golf occur from inside 100 yards of the green. With that said it makes sense the quickest way to improve your scores is to improve your short game. This includes putting, chipping, bunker play and pitch shots.    
     The best players in the world average hitting around 11 to 14 greens in regulation per round, and yet they generally average par or better scores. This shows how good their short games are.
     Try restructuring your practice time to put more emphasis on this part of your game. If you have an hour to practice spend 15 minutes on your full swing and 45 minutes on your short game. It may not be as much fun as hitting full shots, but stay the course and you'll soon see your scores improve.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lighter shafts don't necessarily mean more distance

      I often have customers requesting a lighter shaft be installed in their clubs thinking it will give them more distance. The thought is the lighter the club the faster the clubhead speed, therefore more distance. In theory this sounds logical, but it's not always the case.
      Each player's swing is different including their tempo. Tempo is the pace of a player's transition from backswing to forward swing. (i.e. Fred Couples has a slow tempo - Nick Price has a fast tempo)
The majority of amateurs that I fit have a faster rather than slower tempo. When these players change to a lighter shaft it often affects their timing and release point which can cause and toe and heel shots. An extra 3 to 5 MPH due to a lighter shaft is of no benefit if the player is not able to hit the ball consistently in the center of the clubface. In most cases this will lead to a loss of distance.
     The best way to determine the right shaft is to schedule a fitting where the fitter will have you try a number of shafts that vary in flex and weight. By using impact tape on the face he will be able to determine which shaft results in the most consistent center face contact, as well as launch angle and ball speed.
     There is also a subjective factor when it comes to fitting shafts. I will often give a player a club with shafts that vary in weight. After a few minutes they will tell me which shaft feels the best. This too is an important piece of the puzzle in correct shaft fitting.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Golf Rx welcomes Mizuno

     We are excited to announce the addition of Mizuno clubs to our custom fitted brands at Golf Rx. From some of the best players in the world to avid golfers of every skill set, Mizuno irons and wedges are world renown for their quality and unique feel.
     Mizuno's Performance Fitting System is great for identifying the correct shaft, shaft flex, iron model and set make-up to match your individual swing. An added value if there is no upcharge for custom shafts and grips. Call or come by to schedule your fitting.