Saturday, December 31, 2016

Putter Fitting

    During a round of golf the putter is used more than any club in your bag. On average 43 %  of a player's shots are struck with the putter. Yet most players buy their putter "off the shelf" based on reviews, or because that is what the pros are putting with. I agree a putter must fit the eye of the person using it. If a player isn't comfortable with the look of a putter behind the ball they will not have confidence in it. However if the putter's length, loft, lie and weight balance are not matched up to a golfer's style of putting there is a little chance the putter will lower their score.

Length - Golfers are so different in height, arm length and putting posture that the putter length  
should be custom fit to ensure a smooth putter stroke.  Arms cramped into the body or stretched out while stroking the putt are not helpful to putting consistency.

Loft - Putters generally have between 2 to 4 degrees of loft. The loft of a putter should be matched to a golfer's hand position at impact to ensure the ball rolls smoothly. If a player uses a forward press to start their stroke or positions the ball back of center in their stance they may need more loft. If a player is a wristy putter or positions the ball ahead of the center of their stance they may need less loft.

Lie - Since putters do have loft if the toe or heel of the putter is off the ground at impact, the face will be pointing either left or right of the target line. The lie angle should be adjusted for each player so the putter sits perfectly in the center of the sole from heel to toe.

Putterhead Styles - There are many different styles of putters and knowing the correct type for your stroke can improve your putting. If you swing the putter on a slight arc, a putter with a "toe hang" balance is built for you. If your stroke is more straight-back and straight-through, you will benefit from a face balanced putter. If you struggle to hit putts solidly, a high MOI putter will help. These are the large, mallet-styled putters. The sweet spot is much bigger and distance control will be easier for you.

At Golf Rx we specialize in putter fitting. Our fitting process ensures your new putter is custom fit to your stature, putting posture and putting style. Get a properly fit putter and you will definitely see dramatic improvements in your putting this year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Golf Rx included in 2017 Golf Digest Best Clubfitters List

     We are very excited to recently learn Golf Rx was named to the Golf Digest 2017 Top 100 Clubfitters List as a Certified Clubfitting Facility. This list is based on a poll of Golf Digest panelists and industry sources, and is chosen from a list of over 1,200 nominations. Golf Digest deems a certified clubfitting facility as one offering the technical tools and individuals with the expertise to conduct proper fittings.
    When I opened Golf Rx in 2010 the purpose was to offer a truly professional level of expertise, service and products to golfers in Middle Tennessee. As we begin our 8th year of business I would like to thank all of our customers for your business and referrals.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Best values for Christmas Gifts

Here are some of my Best Value Gifts for the golfer on your list.

1. Ping G30 irons and woods. The G30 line was introduced in 2015, but it is still available as a custom order item. You can save over $200.00 on the irons and over $100.00 each on the drivers and fairway woods.

2. Golf Buddy Laser Rangefinders and GPS units. Golf Buddy is offering a Holiday Promotion on their products. Purchase an LR5 Laser Rangefinder for $249.00 and receive a $100,00 Visa Gift Card. Purchase a CT2 GPS Unit for $149.00 and receive a $30.00 Visa Gift Card.

3. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls. This is a Tour Premium ball currently used by Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, Tom Watson and many others. A 3 piece urethane cover ball for $39.00 is almost unheard of.

4. Ping G25 woods. This line has been discontinued by Ping, but we still have a limited stock of drivers, fairways and hybrids available at huge savings.

5. Winter Lesson Packages. Our indoor teaching facility allows players to improve there games during the winter months. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes a Full Swing Golf Simulator, Ion Tracking Camera and V1 Digital Video to provide our students with the best technology available in Middle Tennessee. Steve Kirkpatrick, PGA Professional and owner has 30 years experience in teaching players of all skill levels.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Your One Stop Golf Shop for Christmas

     Do you have a golfer on your list and you're not sure what to get them? A Golf Rx Gift Card is the perfect solution. They can be used for golf lessons, golf clubs, merchandise or club repair services such as re-gripping.
    Stop by and pick up your Golf Rx Gift Card, and make the golfer in your family very happy this year.