Saturday, May 28, 2011

If you're confused try two turns and a swing

I often find my students making the golf swing more complicated than it actually is. Although this may sound like an oversimplification the golf swing is really nothing more than two turns combined with an arm and hand swing.

If you're struggling with your game or are caught up in too many mechanical thoughts I would suggest you play your next few rounds based on "Two turns combined with an arm and hand swing".

Rather than thinking of the backswing as a serious of intricate movements consider it simply as the first turn. Focus only on moving your right shoulder out of the way as your hands and arms swing the club back and up. Do the same with the downswing by thinking of it as the second turn. That is simply moving your hips out of the way as your hands and arms swing the club down and through the ball.

As long as you have a correct grip and set up and can swing around a steady head while keeping your feet firmly on the ground in the backswing this simple mental exercise will clear your mind and could dramatically improve your shot making.

You'll also learn that the golf swing really isn't that complicated a movement. The key in the golf swing is coordinating the the turns with the swinging of the club rather than trying to place the club in certain exact "positions" along the way.

You may think of this as an oversimplification but the one thing I have found out through twenty five years of teaching the game is the less you're thinking while making a golf swing the better you'll play.