Sunday, July 3, 2016

You can become a better putter

    It is a fact that putting makes up about 40% of your score in a round of golf. Therefore one of the fastest ways to lower your scores is to improve your putting. In my opinion anyone can become a good putter if they are willing to put in the necessary practice time.

There are two steps to putting:
    1. See the line
    2. Roll the ball along that line at the right speed.

    What the putter head must do at impact is to be swinging in the right direction with the face square at the right speed. Whether a person's putting technique is hands, arms or shoulders is of no account as long as he or she can accomplish the aforementioned task.
    The majority of tour players today use a shoulder or pendulum type stroke because of the extremely fast greens they putt on each week. This doesn't mean a different method may not work better for you.
    If you are struggling with your putting take a putting lesson from a PGA Instructor. It will be money well spent and the fastest way to lower your scores.