Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New products from KZG

     We just received two new models from KZG. The much anticipated GFX Driver and VC-F fairway wood. The GFX Driver is 460 CC and features a classic look. 2 weight ports allow for adjustment of trajectory and alter fade / draw bias. The new VC-F Fairway is a beautiful club in a tradition pear shape design in a black satin finish.  The shallow face and weighted sole provide a high trajectory ball flight for more distance. Both clubs have a an incredibly solid feel. Come by and try them soon.
     Save during the month of May on lesson packages at Golf Rx. We are offering a $20.00 savings on a 4 lesson package and a $40.00 savings on a 6 lesson package when you sign up during the month of May. This is a great opportunity to improve your game and save money at the same time. Call or come by Golf Rx for more information.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Masters

     What an exciting Sunday afternoon of golf at Augusta! Congratulations to Adam Scott for his victory and to Angel Cabrera for his incredible shot on 18 to create the playoff. I have a few other thoughts and observations about the week.

       I personally do not think it is good for the game to have viewers calling in about rules situations. It is the responsibility of the players to know the rules, and for the PGA rules officials to administer them. That is what they are paid for. If they are not competent or fail to do their job then they should be replaced. Can you imagine if the same thing was allowed in the NFL, NBA or Major League Baseball?

       I think Tiger should have been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. However I don't blame him for playing since the Masters rules committee allowed him to continue.

       I felt sorry for the 14 year old from China for being penalized, but after four warnings I think the committee did the right thing. If he is going to play professional golf he needs to learn to improve his pace of play. My only concern is why isn't this practice carried out more often on the tour? Play has gotten agonizingly slow on both the men's and ladies' tours. It won't change until the players pocketbooks begin to be affected by penalty strokes.

         The Masters tests a players nerves like no other tournament in the world. What a magnificent display of shot making by Scott and Cabrera. Congratulations to them both for their fine play and sportsmanship.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great Commercial

     I really enjoyed seeing the commercial with Arnold Palmer encouraging players to "swing your swing - not somebody's else's swing".  It features lots of players practicing their swing and hitting shots. Of course the lesson he is teaching here is that we are all different, and it is okay that we don't all swing the same.
     Fuzzy Zoeller was recently on Feherty and talked about growing up competing with his buddies on the golf course. The local pro showed them how to grip the club properly, then set them on their way to learn how to play on their own. They each developed their own swing style and learned to work the ball by trial and error and practice.
    As an instructor I am certainly not saying instruction is a bad thing as long as it is done in a constructive way. When a player comes to me with a problem I diagnose the cause, explain what to do to correct it and leave it at that. I don't try to change a player's swing into some "swing model" or arbitrary "perfect position". I see too many young instructors attempting this and inevitably it results in disaster.
      As Harvey Pennick said in his book, "Take a pill, not the whole bottle". Great advice from a very wise man.  Get out and enjoy playing this Spring and remember to swing your swing.