Thursday, April 11, 2019

For solid irons maintain the width in your backswing

    Rather than hitting their irons solid from the turf many players struggle with fat or thin shots. One reason is losing the natural width or radius in your backswing arc caused by your right arm not working correctly.
    The right arm controls the width of the swing - if the angle between the upper and lower arm is less than 90 degrees the hands collapse resulting in the shaft going past parallel. During the change of direction from backswing to forward swing the collapsed right arm will immediately straighten causing the wrists to uncock too early (also known as casting). This results in the club bottoming out too early. If the clubs goes into the turf a fat shot will occur. It the club bounces off the turf the clubhead is moving upward when it contacts the ball resulting in a thin shot.
     Practice swinging in front of a mirror observing the position of your right arm at the top of your backswing. At first your backswing will feel shorter and you'll notice a more effective coiling of your torso. With practice this new "shorter but wider" backswing will result in solid and crisp iron shots.