Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hybrids are a better choice than long irons

   In my opinion hybrid clubs are the best thing to come along since sliced bread. You will have a lot more fun and hit better shots if you will ditch your 3 and 4 iron and replace them with hybrids. If you are a 15 handicap or higher I would recommend replacing your 5 and 6 iron as well.
   The reason is simple: Hybrids are MUCH easier to hit than long and middle irons. 
  • Their low profile gets the ball up in the air - to do this with a traditional long iron requires a lot of club head speed. 
  • The head has a higher MOI than long irons resulting in more distance on an off-center hit. 
  • They are much more effective hitting from the rough because the club head doesn't twist as much as a traditional iron. 

     For years I carried a 2 iron which now are practically obsolete. I continued to carry a 3 and 4 iron for many years. Even though I still carry a 2 handicap I can no longer created enough club head speed to hit a 3 and 4 iron high enough to be effective. Last year I experimented with a 3 and 4 hybrid and was amazed at the results. The ball launches much higher so the ball no longer rolls off the back of green due to the low trajectory of my long irons. The ball carries about 5 yards farther than my irons did and is much easier to hit from tough lies. 

The typical lofts on hybrids are:
2 - 17 degree
3 - 19 degree
4 - 22 degree
5 - 26 degree
6 - 30 degree

     So now the longest iron in my bag is a 5 iron and I have a lot more confidence with the 3 and 4 hybrids than I did with the 3 and 4 irons. They are a lot more fun to hit as well. Make sure to be professionally fit for your new hybrids so they will blend correctly with your existing irons. 
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