Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking the Mystery out of Club Fitting

Here are my answers to customer's most commonly asked questions regarding club fitting:

Exactly what is customized in a set of custom fit clubs?
   Practically every part of the club may be modified to some extent. These include club length, shaft material, weight and flex, club head type and design, lie angle of the irons and grip type material and size. Also the number of clubs needed to make up your particular set.

Why is the shaft important?
    Not all players' swings possess the same tempo and swing speed. Today's shaft are available in a variety of weights, flexes and tip stiffness that can greatly influence a players' ball flight, launch angle and distance. By observing your swing we are able to determine the proper shaft to maximize your distance and accuracy.

What is Lie Angle and why it is important in my irons?
    Lie angle is the angle between the sole of the club and the axis of the shaft. Lie angle has a major effect on the direction of your shots. A too flat lie angle (toe down) results in shots going right of the target. A too upright lie angle (toe up) causes the ball to go left of the target. By using lie tape and hitting balls off a lie board we determine the correct lie angle for you new irons.

I'm shorter than average so should I use shorter clubs? 
   In most cases you would not because it shortens your swing arc resulting in a loss of club head speed and distance. Shorter players will often require flatter lie angles because of a flatter swing plane.

Are custom clubs more expensive than off the rack sets?
    No. As a matter of fact they are often less expensive because you may only need 5 or 6 irons rather than the conventional 8 irons in most off the rack sets.

After my fitting how long does it take to get my new clubs?
    Virtually all major club manufacturers are now tooled up to produce and ship custom orders in 3 to 5 days. Our customers receive their new clubs in 7 to 10 business days.

What if I loose a club - can I get a replacement to match my original specifications?
   Our shop as well as the manufacturers maintain records of each customer's order including all specifications. If a club is lost a replacement can be made to exactly match your original set.

Will custom fit clubs make me a better player?
    Professionally fit clubs are an important tool in order to become the best player you can be, and that is what we would all like to experience. Properly fit clubs reward good swings with good golf shots. Poorly fit clubs force a player to compensate. You wouldn't buy a new suit at a store without trying it on. Neither should you invest in new golf clubs without first being professionally fit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

End of Year Demo Sale at Golf Rx

Right now you can take advantage of big savings on our 2015 demo clubs and sets. These clubs are used primarily indoors during the season so they have little or no wear. We have drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and iron sets from Ping and Callaway. We also have big savings on balls, gloves, shoes and headwear. Call or stop by for details.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall News from Golf Rx

    There is quite a bit going on at Golf Rx as Fall begins. First of all, Ping has lowered the prices on  G30 clubs including irons, drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Save $100 on new custom fit irons and $50 on new G30 drivers. The G25 line will only be available until the end of this year. We still have a few Ping Lattitude stand bags left that have been closed out. Retail is $199 and we have them at $129.00.
    Our entire inventory of TRUElinks wear golf shoes are 50% off. Save up to $75 on the Game Changer Hybrid, Tru-motion and Ladies Fairway models.
    We have the Golf Buddy WT5 GPS Watche on sale. Regularly $229 they are on sale for $179. Each watch has over 37,000 courses pre-loaded and there is no yearly fee. These make great gifts.
    In the custom fitting department we have the new Ping I and Gmax irons as well as the new Taylor Made Aeroburner, PSi and RSi tour. The new Taylor Made M1 driver as well as the R15 will arrive this month. The new Callaway Great Big Bertha driver is here and ready for you to test drive it.
    If you're weren't happy with your game this summer now is the time to let Steve help you improve it. Our indoor teaching studio complete with a Full Swing Golf Simulator and V1 Digital Video provides a great learning environment. Steve is an award winning instructor and author of 3 instructional books.
   Finally our full service club repair department is here to provide whatever you need to keep your equipment at its best. We offer same-day service on re-gripping and loft & lie adjustment, and next day service on re-shafting. Golf Rx is THE SHOP for PGA Instruction, Custom Fitting and Club Repair Services. We look forward to seeing you soon.