Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Adding weight to a putter

      I recently had a customer ask if I could add weight to his putter. He had tried a heavier model and liked the feel much better. Adding weight can be accomplished two ways. One is to add lead tape to the putter head until the desired weight is reached. The other is to remove the grip and pour lead powder down the shaft and secure it with a cork. Using a swing weight scale during the process enables you to create the desired swing weight the customer wants.
      Keep in mind shortening or lengthening a putter will alter the swing weight as well. Shortening a putter's length will decrease the swing weight of the putter - lengthening the putter will do the opposite.
     If you have a question about club repair or other equipment topics please email me at

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Question about driver shaft

    I recently received a question from a customer asking if his driver shaft can be stiffened without having to replace the shaft. The answer is yes, it can be stiffened without having to buy a new shaft.
     We accomplish this by removing the shaft and trimming length off the tip end. After re-installing the shaft we use a shaft extension in the butt end to make the driver the original length. The more you trim from the tip the stiffer the shaft becomes. By using a shaft frequency meter we can determine how much to trim for the required stiffness.
   If you have a question about club repair or clubs in general please send it to me at I will answer it on my blog page as soon as possible. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Golf Rx has the perfect gift for the golfer

    Golfers can be a difficult to buy for at Christmas. Most are pretty particular when it comes to their equipment and accessories. So why not let the experts at Golf Rx simplify your decision making?

    A Golf Rx gift card is the perfect choice because it can be used for instruction, custom fitting services, golf equipment, club repair services or accessories such as bags, balls and gloves.

    Call Steve at Golf Rx at (615) 288 4539 or stop by at 11972 Lebanon Rd. in Mt. Juliet for more information. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Think less and play better

    Why do we make the golf swing so complicated? To quote acclaimed instructor Jim Flick, "If as much were written about sex as there has been on the golf swing, life would be extinct by now."
    Think back when you were learning to hit a baseball or return a shot on the tennis court.  What were you focusing on? I would imagine it was simply swing the bat and hit the ball, or swing the racket and hit the ball over the net. Whoever taught you to play pitch and catch or to hit a tennis ball  wouldn't give you 3 or 4 commands while you were throwing the ball or swinging the racket. 

    So what make the golf swing any different?  The golf swing takes 1.25 seconds for the average player to complete - not a lot of time for the brain to be giving various commands to different body parts.

     Harvey Penick, instructor to Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite put it this way when it came to golf instruction, "Take a pill, not the whole bottle." One thing I know is the less you think about during your swing the better you'll hit the ball.

      If you are confused and mixed up in too much swing theory try this next time you play. Hold the club light enough so that you can feel the weight of the club head. Swing at 80 percent focusing only on swinging the club through the ball in the direction of your target. You may be surprised how far the ball goes with such little effort and thought.


Friday, October 13, 2017

The importance of shaft fitting

                                            The importance of shaft fitting

     Shaft fitting is an important component of any fitting, and something players should give considerable attention to when buying new clubs. Modern day shaft characteristics vary significantly in weight, flex, bend profiles and torque. The different elements of a particular shaft have a big influence on the delivery of the club head affecting both performance and consistency. Because each player’s swing characteristics are different it is safe to say no two players will respond the same to a particular shaft type.
    So how does one determine what type shaft might be the best fit for them? Typically a starting point for a driver shaft is based on the player's swing speed and tempo. During the process the player will hit numerous shafts until we find the optimal one. The determining factors will be more consistent performance, increased distance and a tighter dispersion.  The player's feedback about the shaft's feel and weight is also an important consideration. 
 Here are three reasons why a player should have his shafts fitted rather than buying clubs off the rack

Not all shaft flex codes are equal - Because there is no industry standard for flex codes one shaft company's "regular" may be another company's "stiff." Hence, two shafts with different flex codes may have a very similar flex. The only way to accurately compare the overall stiffness or "static flex" of two shafts is to use a shaft deflection board or shaft frequency meter.

I want the same shaft in my new irons - Keep in mind just because a shaft worked well with one set of irons doesn't guarantee it will perform equally in a different model set. The properties of the head (such as weight mass and center of gravity) can differ considerably from model to model. The way a shaft responds to a club head will depend on the design aspects of the head itself.

I already know what shaft I need - Players often presume they need a particular shaft because that is what they have always used. Keep in mind tour players spend a lot of time at equipment companies testing shafts in order to optimize their performance. Players are sacrificing performance and consistency by not taking advantage of the same opportunity. Some players come to a fitting with their mind already made up on the shaft they want, only to leave an hour later choosing a totally different shaft. 

    No two players swing the club the same so being fit for a shaft is something all players should consider if they want to improve their game.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My visit to PIng

   Last week my wife and I were on vacation in Arizona. We flew to Phoenix then drove to Flagstaff 150 miles north of Phoenix. We visited the Grand Canyon, Sedona and other beautiful sites in the high desert country.
    On Friday( thanks to my sales rep ) my wife and I had the opportunity to visit the Tour Fitting Department at Ping's Headquarters in Phoenix. Our appointment was at 1:00 PM and we didn't leave until 4:30 PM. Simply said, the visit far exceeded my expectations.
    We were greeted by Pat Abshire, a Ping Master Fitter who had just returned from three months in Australia where he was training staff members. Pat was very personable and you could quickly tell he enjoyed what he did. 
    Our first stop was the Ping Putter Lab to be fit for a putter. I was amazed at the equipment and tools they utilized in analyzing my putting stroke. Because my srtoke is straight with very little arc rotation we chose a mallet style faced balanced model with two degrees of loft. We spent about 45 minutes in the putter lab.
    We then went to the Tour Fitting Facility located on the hitting range. They have two motorized shade structures to protect players from the sun and occasional rain. Each hitting station is equipped with a large selection of shafts and heads for irons, woods and wedges. After warming up I explained to Pat my issue of not getting enough height with my mid to long irons and fairway woods. It didn't take Pat long to find the right combination shaft and head to solve the problem. He did the same thing with my woods. He also changed my driver shaft and length that resulted in more distance and consistency. We then worked on wedges to find the correct lofts for distance gaping. Not only did the new specs produce a higher trajectory, but also an increase in distance. My new Ping clubs will be here next week and I can't wait to play with them.
    Pat then said he had one more thing he wanted us to see. We entered a room with a large safe door much like you would see in a bank. Pat put in the combination then opened the safe door. Inside the room was the famous Ping Putter Vault. It contains over 2,900 gold plated Ping putters. Each was an exact replica of the putter used to win a PGA, LPGA or major tournament. Ping also gives the winner a gold plated replica. The was started by Ping's founder Karsten Solheim to reward players who win using a Ping putter. Each putter is engraved with the player's name and the tournament.
    Our afternoon at Ping was a memorable and educational experience and one that I will not soon forget. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Closed for vacation

To our customers,

Please note we will be closed for vacation September 25th through the 29th. We will reopen on Monday, October 2nd.  I will be checking phone messages during that week and will return them as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Steve Kirkpatrick PGA / Owner

Thursday, September 14, 2017

New product from Ping and Mizuno

    We recently received new fitting clubs from both Ping and Mizuno.  The new Ping G 400 woods and irons have received excellent reviews from and other independent testing facilities.
     I have been playing the new G 400 driver for a few weeks and love the feel and performance. The
G 400 irons replace the G model and feature a great look and feel. The G 400 is a game improvement iron with a clean traditional look.
     We also just got the new MP model forged irons from Mizuno. The MP-18, MP-SC and MP-MMC forged irons are designed for the low handicap player wanting the look and feel of a classic forged head. Mizuno's game improvement iron, the JPX 900 Hot Metal is now Mizuno's all time best selling iron.
Come see these new clubs as well as models from Callaway and Taylor Made at Golf Rx.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New Business Hours

Effective August 25, 2017 Golf Rx will no longer be open on Fridays. Our regular business hours will be Monday thru Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. As always we appreciate your business and look forward to serving your golfing needs.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Why I chose not to expand Golf Rx

    I opened Golf Rx in February of 2010. The goal was to provide a professional level of service to golfers in three areas: Instruction, Custom Fitting and Club Repair.

     Often customers will ask if I've considered expanding my business by opening other Golf Rx locations. My answer to them is no and my decision is based on a few reasons.

First, I  have been working for nearly forty years. The idea of more locations and working more hours is not what I desire at this point in my career. I recently went to a four day work week and am very comfortable with it.

Second, I am very much a hands-on person when it comes to teaching, custom fitting and club repair. Since I can't be in two or more places at once I would constantly be concerned about the level of service my customers would be receiving.

Third, People want a relationship with someone they can trust and is knowledgeable when it comes to their golf game and their equipment. When a customer calls Golf Rx I answer the phone so they are talking directly to me, the owner and expert. If they stop by the shop, again they meet with me face to face to discuss their needs. This is what people want and this is the way I believe business should be done. I'm not sold on the idea that bigger is always better.

 I am fortunate that our business has grown each year. I believe this is because we have stayed true to our original business model based on professional knowledge, honesty and excellent customer service. I like it this way and have no plans of changing it.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Clearance Items at Golf Rx

We have  some great savings right now on clubs including drivers, fairways, hybrids, wedges, putters and iron sets.

Here is a list:

1. Clearance putters for $99.00 from Ping, Odyssey and Nike

2. Taylor Made M2 drivers for $329.00

3. Callaway Epic drivers for $419.00

4. Callaway XR fairways for $149.00

5. Ping G drivers $299.00, G fairways $199.00 and G hybrids $179.00

6. Ping G 30 drivers $249.00 and G 30 fairways $169.00

7. Ping G 25 fairways $119.00 and hybrids $89.00.

8. Wedges from Callaway, Ping and Mizuno $89.00

9. Demo iron sets from Ping and Mizuno also for sale at great savings.

Limited supplies in stock only.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Golf Buddy GPS Rangefinder

My last few rounds I have been trying out the Golf Buddy CT2 GPS Rangefinder. I currently have a laser rangefinder, but wanted to experience a GPS unit as well. I was pleasantly surprised with this unit.
It is extremely easy to use. You simply turn it on, activate the search satellite and walk to the 1st tee. It recognizes your location and give you the yardage to the front , middle and back of the green. This unit has over 38,000 courses pre-loaded and new ones can be added at any time.
There is no yearly fee and it comes with a charger you can connect to your computer or outlet. These units sell for $149.00 and they are available at Golf Rx.

Monday, May 22, 2017

How to get more distance with your driver

 What golfer doesn't desire to hit longer and more consistent drives? In this article I will discuss four elements that are important when you are in the market for a new driver.
    The first step to maximizing distance with your new driver is to get fitted rather than selecting a brand or model off the rack. This way the custom specifications of your new driver will be matched to your size, strength, athletic ability and individual swing characteristics. The tour pros spend a great deal of time with the equipment companies trying to get the right combination of launch angle, spin and ball speed to drive the ball longer. Amateurs are losing distance and consistency by not taking advantage of the same opportunity. Here are the factors to consider in finding the right driver.

Driver Length
    Hitting the ball in the center of the clubface is crucial to increasing your distance. All drivers sold off the rack today are between 45.5 and 46 inches in length. This is too long for the average golfer preventing most from reaching their distance potential. Most any player will increase their distance and consistency using a driver no longer than 44 inches. Keep in mind the average driver length on the PGA Tour since 2005 is 44.5 inches.

Driver Loft
    The proper launch angle and spin rate is what you are striving for. The lower your clubhead speed, the higher you need to launch the ball with more spin. The higher your clubhead speed the lower you want to launch the ball with less spin. Players should be analyzed with a launch monitor to determine what loft provides their optimum launch angle and spin rate. 

   Weight, overall flex and bend profile are factors to be considered in finding the correct shaft for your driver. The stronger the player the firmer and heavier a shaft profile is needed with a firmer tip which helps lower the launch angle. A weaker player should look at a lighter, more flexible shaft with a softer tip. This helps kick the head upward adding loft for a higher trajectory.

Total Weight and Swing Weight
    A physically stronger golfer with a more aggressive swing should be using a driver with a heavier total weight and swing weight. The opposite is true for a weaker golfer.

    All four elements are important in the fitting process and can make a dramatic difference in your distance and consistency. My advice is to seek out an experienced, professional clubfitter with the right fitting equipment at their facility.  

Steve Kirkpatrick is the owner of Golf Rx in Mt. Juliet, Tn. He has been a PGA Professional since 1987 and was chosen as a Certified Golf Digest Clubfitter in 2017.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

PIng lowers prices on G and Gmax line

Ping recently lowered the prices on its line of Ping G and GMax clubs.

 Drivers were  $399 and are now $299
 Fwys were $219 and are now $199
 Hybrids were $199 and are now $179

Irons in steel were $100 each and are now $88 each
Irons in graphite were $113 each and are now $100 each

Take advantage of these prices from the world's finest golf equipment company. A custom fit set of Pings from Golf Rx will help you play your best. To schedule your fitting call Steve at 615 288 4539.

Monday, April 17, 2017

How to practice after your lesson

If you've invested time and money in golf lessons it is obvious you want to improve your game. Your actual lesson is only 45 minutes to an hour so what you do between lessons is crucial to your long term improvement.
First of all you need to be realistic. Any player when making swing changes is going to hit some bad shots. This is not the time to panic and give up on the changes, especially in the early stages. Right now you are working on a technique, so it is a mistake to judge your progress by the immediate results. Your focus right now is on your technique -  the results will come later.
Rather than hitting balls nonstop make lots of practice swings. Sense the feeling of your new technique rather than thinking about it. Work with a mid club like a 7 iron and tee the ball up slightly. I suggest 3 or 4 practice swings focusing on technique then make one swing with a ball. Begin with 1/2 or 3/4 length swings at a smooth pace.
Keep in mind that great swings are not created overnight - they require a lot of work. Persevere with your new technique and you will be rewarded with better shots and more consistency.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March News

I am home sick with the flu this week so between naps and lots of Gatorade I thought I'd send everyone some updates from my home computer.

New lower prices from PIng...

Ping has recently lowered their prices on Ping G product including drivers, fairways and irons.
Drivers are now $299, fairway woods are $199, G irons are $87 each in steel and $99 each in graphite. As always customization is free.

We still have a few select PIng putters on clearance for $99 each. These are new putters and include putter covers.

Our grip sample display area has been enlarged and updated with all the new grip styles for 2017. Brands include Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin and Super Stroke. We offer same day service on all in-stock grips and next day service on all others.

Our Full Swing Golf Simulator has been upgraded with the latest E6 Software. We have also installed an Ion Tracking Camera providing club path and club face information for our students. This is an invaluable tool for teaching and club fitting.

We have all the new 2017 models of irons and woods from Ping, Mizuno, Callaway and Taylor Made.

Golf Rx is Nashville's Headquarters for PGA Instruction, Custom Fitting and Club Repair. Call Steve at 615 288 4539 or stop by at 11972 Lebanon Rd. in Mt. Juliet. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nashville Golf Show

   The Nashville Music City Golf Show will be Jan. 20th - 22nd at The Music City Center in Nashville. This regional show will be an expo of equipment, apparel, instruction and travel for golf enthusiasts.
   There will be competitions with prizes for driving, chipping and putting, as well as hourly giveaways. Numerous PGA Professionals will be on hand for tips and lessons. A Kids Zone will be available with competitions as well.
   Each person purchasing a ticket will receive a free round of golf at one of these courses:
Old Hickory Country Club, Nashville Fairways, Gaylord Springs Golf Links, Nashville Golf and Athletic Club, Oak Hills Golf Club, Henry Horton Golf Course or Montgomery Bell Golf Course, Each attendee will also receive a Free 1 year subscription to Golf Digest Magazine.
   For more information log onto