Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Transition in the golf swing

         One of the most common faults I see with weekend players is in the transition from backswing to forward swing. Watch any tour player's swing in slow motion and you will notice that their change of direction from backswing to forward swing begins from the ground up with their feet and knees. Most amateurs however start the forward swing with their upper bodies either by heaving their shoulders or a jerky attempt to force the club towards the ball with their hands. Both movements result in a significant loss of power, poor contact with the ball and misdirected shots. 
         To help my students feel the proper transition movement I use two drills. The first is to have the student go back to his baseball or softball days. I'll have them pretend they're at the plate and swing as they did when hitting a baseball. They naturally begin their swing into the ball from the ground up using their feet and knees. It's fun to watch their expressions when the "light bulb goes off" as they sense the movement and then relate it to their golf swing.
     The second drill is to have my student swing the club to the top of their backswing then hold that position for four or five seconds. This allows them to feel their feet and legs resisting the coiling action of their upper body. The deliberate pause also enables the student to trigger the downswing as a reflex uncoiling action with their  feet and legs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Come try all the new equipment

      If you're in the market for new golf equipment Golf Rx is just the place for you. We have all the new clubs from Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway and Adams Golf . We have demo clubs you can try on our simulator or take to the range or course.
       We also offer professional custom fitting of all the lines we carry including wedges and putters. Custom fit clubs cost no more than off the rack sets while allowing you the benefit of choosing only the clubs you need.
     We can also evaluate your existing clubs to make sure they are right for your individual size and swing. If adjustments need to be made such as length, lie angle or grip size we can do the work in house, and have your clubs ready the next day.
       If you are considering new equipment this year or have questions about your present equipment give Steve a call and he'll be happy to answer your questions.
     Golf Rx is a locally owned full service golf facility offering PGA instruction, professional custom fitted equipment and club repair services including re-gripping, re-shafting and loft and lie adjustment. We specialize in personal and professional service for our customers.