Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't leave your clubs unattended

Last Friday afternoon I went to Hermitage Golf Course to practice my short game. I left my bag on the rack outside the golf shop and went in the grille to get a sandwich. When I came out my clubs were gone. It was a very sick feeling watching the thief walk off with my bag on the security tape.
He parked his car, walked in the clubhouse with a putter in his hand as though he was going to the putting green. He then walked out, placed the putter in my bag, picked up my bag as if it was his and headed for the parking lot. He backed out of the parking lot in reverse so as to hide his license plate from the cameras. We have a picture of him and his vehicle but no license plate.
The fact that my bag had a PGA logo as well as my name embroidered on it didn't seem to deter him from stealing it. I did file a police report and the irons had serial numbers so there is a chance of recovering them,  but I'm not holding my breath. The police said this guy knew exactly what he was doing and this obviously wasn't his first rodeo.   
It is unfortunate that things like this happen, but unfortunately it is just the society we live in. Don't make the same mistake I did. Take your clubs in the clubhouse with you if necessary, but don't leave them unattended - even for a few minutes.

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