Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Most long shots start left then curve to the right

20 Most common shot problems

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Diagnosis: Most long shots start left then curve to the right. Shorter irons start left with no curve.  

Explanation:  Because we stand to the side of the ball we swing the club forward on an in to in arc. It moves from inside of the target line during the downswing, and then arcs back to the inside during the follow through. Therefore it must be moving  to the right of the target on the downswing, and then left of the target on the follow through.
             Your shots starting to the left indicates that your clubhead is not reaching the ball until it has already begun its return to the inside on the follow through portion of its arc. Simply said, you are contacting the ball too late in your swing. This is caused by playing the ball too far forward, too far to the left in relation to your stance.  Your longer shots curving to the right is also a symptom of a forward ball position. With the ball forward we are forced to align our shoulders too far to the left of the target. This alignment causes us to grip the club with our hands turned too far to the left. This weak grip position leaves the clubface open (to the right) of its path at impact resulting in a tendency to slice the ball.
Correction:   Play the ball farther back ( more to the right )  in you stance. This will automatically align your shoulders more to the right. As well your hands will now want to turn more right (clockwise) on the club. Encourage the shoulders aligning to the right as well as the hands turning to the right although it may feel unnatural at first.
            This new ball position and shoulder alignment will allow you to swing on an in-to-in path rather than an out-to-in path through impact. With your hands turned more to the right you will be able to square the clubface to its path at impact.
            If your shots start out to the right of the target you have over corrected, and the club is reaching the ball too early in the swing. Move the ball slightly more to the left until you find the position that starts the ball toward the target.

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