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20 Most common shot problems

20 Most common shot problems

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Diagnosis: Shots start on line then curve to the right, more so with the woods and longer irons.

Explanation:  Your shots starting on target tells us that your club path is on line at impact as it should be. The curving to the right however indicates your club face is “open” or turned to the right of its path at impact. The biggest cause of an open club face is an incorrect grip, and the possibility of holding the club too tightly.
 It is likely you are placing your hands on the grip so they are turned too far to the left. This is certainly the case if when addressing the ball you can see only one knuckle of the left hand.  An expert player who has played since childhood may have the strength and ability to square the clubface from a one knuckle position. Most weekend players however lack this ability, thus find themselves playing from trouble on the right.
In regards to grip pressure, holding the club too tightly inhibits the wrists. This results in the clubhead trailing the hands through the hitting area thus arriving at the ball still facing to the right. 

Correction:   Hold the club with both hands turned farther to the right so that the V’s formed by between your thumbs and forefingers point toward your right shoulder. You should now be able to see at least two or possibly three knuckles of your left hand. Also lighten your grip pressure and maintain that lightness throughout your swing. If after making these corrections your ball is still curving to the right indicates something other than your grip is causing the open clubface at impact.

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