Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why are the pros going to the long putters?

Anyone who has watched tournament golf lately has noticed the enormous popularity of belly putters and long putters. In fact Keegan Bradley was the first player to win a major championship using a belly putter. When asked their reason for switching the players all came to the same conclusion. They feel more confident and are making more putts.

The biggest reason for poor putting is a stroke that is too wristy. This not only prevents solid contact with the ball, but also alters the alignment of the putter face at contact. The longer putters create a one-lever system which essentially eliminates the possibility of the wrists breaking down. The putts are hit solid every time creating a better roll. These putters are weighted heavier as well which minimizes the putter head twisting on off center hits.

If you struggle with your putting especially inside ten feet you may want to try a longer putter. We have a large selection of traditional and longer putters at Golf Rx. We can also modify your existing putter into a belly putter that will be custom fit for you for only $45.00.

Just arrived are the Adams Golf Idea Pro and Idea Tech V3 Hybrids and the Ping G20 Driver. Stop by soon and let us know what we can do to help your game.

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