Friday, September 24, 2010

Why golf is the greatest game

Golf is truly unique because it offers a challenge found in no other game. The golf course is your opponent presenting you with new situations to challenge you each time you play.

Golf provides solace and relief from the stress and tensions of everyday life. It can provide great satisfaction and recognition from our peers. One of golf’s greatest gifts is the friendships it creates among strangers.

Golf’s environment is fresh air, green grass, trees, lakes and beautiful landscapes. Golf is a great source of exercise that you can play at your own pace. Play nine holes or thirty six holes. You can play for the fun of it or decide to compete in tournaments. Golf is a great family activity providing a lifetime of enjoyment for each generation.

Golf is a great builder of character. It requires discipline, self control and the ability to deal with success and failure. It demands integrity because unlike other sports there are no referees or umpires. You call your own penalties under an honor system. There is no better game for young people. They learn to respect the game’s values of sportsmanship, etiquette and honesty.

Golf gives you the opportunity to watch the best players in the world compete and then have the opportunity to test your skills on the same course. Golf teases us with brief success but refuses to let us ever master it. Golf’s allurement is the never ending desire to learn more and play better.

Whether you are a scratch player or a beginner, male or female, young or old golf is a game that tests your skills, provides serenity and demands poise under pressure.

What makes golf the greatest game of all is not only the enjoyment it provides us over a lifetime, but also what it teaches us about ourselves and others.

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