Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stop Slicing Forever in 15 minutes

The slice is golf’s most major problem with over 80 percent of players suffering from this fault that leads to a loss of distance and direction. And yet it can usually be corrected in less than 15 minutes. Most players don’t understand what causes them to slice the ball. Ask most and they reply, “I’m swinging across the ball” or “I’m swinging outside-in”. This can contribute to a slice but it isn’t the basic cause.

Regardless of what you’ve read or been told by your golfing buddies the basic cause of a slice is a clubface that is open to the swing line at impact. The ball slices because the clubface is open or pointing right of the direction that the club is traveling. This problem stems from a faulty grip so the first thing we must do is find a grip that allows you to square the clubface to your swing line at impact. For most this means positioning the grip handle more in the fingers and rotating your hands to the right or clockwise The last thing most players want to do is change their grip, but please realize this is an essential step in squaring the clubface to the swing path at impact.

Next is to aim the clubface to the target and to square your shoulders to the target line. At first you may feel your shoulders are closed – aimed right of the target. This is extremely important however because squaring your shoulders makes room for your arms to swing up and then down on the inside.

In your takeaway feel that the clubface is closing so that it continues facing the ball during the first few feet. This is imperative because most all chronic slicers, because of their open set up were forced to roll the club face open with their hands and wrists to get the club away on the right path.

Having your shoulders square now allows your arms to swing up on the inside in the backswing. From here the arms can now swing down on the inside so that the right shoulder will trail the arms instead of leading them.

Most slicers also have their head positioned too far to the left at address or even in front to the ball. If this is the case with you make sure your head is positioned behind the ball at address so that you are looking at the back of ball – the part of the ball that you want to hit.

By mastering the proper grip, set up and arm swing your slice will be a thing of the past. You will be delighted with the feeling of solidly struck shots and a straight ball flight. For many of you this may be the first time you have experienced applying the club head solidly into the back of the golf ball.

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