Monday, July 12, 2010

Striking shots on the toe of the club

Ask most amateurs why they are hitting the ball off the toe end of the club and they invariably answer by saying they are standing too far from the ball. Although this can be a cause it rarely is.
There are basically two very different reasons for hitting the ball off the toe end of the club. By observing which direction the ball curves we can determine not only the cause, but also which corrective measure needs to be taken.
If your shots curve to the left your clubface is closed (facing to the left of its path)at impact. In this position the toe end of the club leads the heel into the ball resulting in contact with the toe of the club. To correct the closing of the clubface weaken your grip by turning your hands a little further to the left.
If your shots curve to the right then your swing is too upright. A too upright swing doesn't position the club far enough behind you at the top thus the club doesn't move outward enough on the downswing. This results in only the toe portion of the club reaching the target line and the ball. Correct this by adjusting your address position so that you can swing on a less upright plane. Increase your knee flex slightly and decrease the amount you tilt your spine forward. This improved posture will allow the club to swing up and more to the inside so that it stops above your right shoulder rather than above your head. The club will now move more outward coming down allowing the center of club face to reach the target line and the ball.

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