Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pushed Shots – Solid impact but ball flies right of target with little or no curve

Generally players who currently push the ball in the past tended to hook their shots, but have since learned to square their clubface by changing their grip. Their shots now fly right because the club is moving in that direction at impact.

As I’ve mentioned before the correct swing path arcs inside on the backswing then returns from the inside to along the target path then back to the inside on the follow through portion. Because of his previous hooking tendencies the player still aims his club head and aligns his body right of the target. This also causes him to play the ball too far back or to the right in his stance. His shots now go right of the target because the club head makes contact with the ball too early when the club head is still moving to the right of the target path.

These players often feel as well that their left side is in the way at impact and on the follow through. Because their shoulders are aligned right of the target they will tend to rock or lift up the right shoulder rather than turn it during the backswing. The reaction is for the hips to tilt or lift up during the forward swing rather that turn and clear to the left allowing room for the arms to square the club head to the target line.

To correct this play the ball further forward or to the left in your stance. This gives the club head more time to return to the target path. It also aligns your shoulders more to the left which encourages the right shoulder to turn rather than lift during the backswing. This results in the hips turning rather than tilting during the forward swing.

Experiment until you find the correct ball position and related shoulder alignment that results in your shots starting on target.

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