Thursday, November 3, 2016

Custom Fit or Off the Rack

    On your next visit to the practice tee or golf course take a minute and notice how different the golfers are in terms of height, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics. Would it make sense that these different players would all be using clubs built to the same specifications? I think not, but unfortunately most players do exactly that.

   Golf clubs sold off the rack are built to one set of specifications because it would be too expensive for the golf companies to make all the different combinations required to fit each individual player. It would also be too costly for the big box golf retail stores to stock sets in all the different custom fitting options.  As a result golf club manufacturing has remained a "one size fits all " business, and golfers are getting the short end of the stick.

   If a sports store sold baseball bats the way they sell golf clubs, no baseball or softball player would ever buy a bat there. Why? Because to play to the best of their ability they make sure their bat is  fitted to their size, strength and athletic ability.

   When custom fitting is performed  by a knowledgeable and experienced professional the golfer will feel and see visible shot improvement. Custom fit clubs cost the same per club as off the rack sets. Another benefit is the player may purchase only the number of irons and woods they desire which saves them money.

    With a population of golfers that are so very different from each other they simply cannot play their best using clubs that are made up to the same specifications. If you would like more information about custom fit equipment call Steve at Golf Rx or stop by the shop.

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