Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Full Swing Golf Simulator at Golf Rx

    We are very excited to announce Golf Rx will soon have a new Full Swing Golf Simulator installed. Our new simulator will feature the E6 Environmental Technology creating the most realistic course environment possible. Also included is the latest innovation in technology from Full Swing, the ION Performance Camera. This high speed camera which mounts on the ceiling provides clubhead speed, clubface angle, club path information with on-screen illustrations of the club. It also captures detailed spin data including backspin, sidespin and spin axis.
   With this new simulator the golf simulation experience will be greatly enhanced. Whether our customers want data about their shots for training or clubfitting they will be provided with information that is unequaled.
    As of right now the schedule for the installation is the week of August 22nd.  You can contact us at the shop to schedule your lesson or clubfitting.

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