Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tension will sabotage your swing


    Golf is a perplexing game that often requires us to do the opposite of what our instincts tell us. Take for instance, club head speed and distance. Most players think that the harder they try to hit the ball the farther it will go. The truth is the more you try to hit rather than swing, the more tension it creates, and the less freedom you will have in your hands and arms. Anything that creates tension in your body not only slows the chub head down, but will also sabotage your swing.
The 2 keys to swinging rather than hitting:

1.  A Proper Grip
    A proper grip allows the freedom of your wrists to cock and re-cock during the golf swing. In your left hand make sure to place the club in your lower palm so that it is nestled under the heel pad. If you have been gripping the club high up in your palm - as many players do - you'll now notice your wrist cock is much greater than it was.  Place the club in the fingers of your right hand rather than grabbing it down in your palm.

2. Light grip, relaxed wrists and arms.
      I can't emphasize enough the importance of secure but light grip pressure in the golf swing.  A correct grip pressure allows you to feel the weight of the club head, and for the golf club to utilize centrifugal force and inertia.  The correct grip pressure - Fingers secure, arms relaxed - allows the club head to build up speed and square itself at impact.
    Tension is the number one enemy of the golf swing and it dramatically reduces club head speed. This" tightening up" is caused by trying to overpower the ball and over control the club head. The less tension in your arms and shoulders the faster the club head will be moving resulting in straighter and longer shots.  

     We often hear players saying, "Oh yes, I play golf to relax."  In my opinion players need to relax in order to play good golf.

Steve Kirkpatrick

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