Monday, December 28, 2015

Getting more loft with your irons

     One question I'm often asked from customers is how can I get more loft with my long and middle irons? Granted hybrids have become a popular alternative there are still many players who enjoy hitting their 3,4 and 5 irons. The problem is the lower trajectory shots won't hold and run off the back of the green.  
     The most effective way to increase height is to adjust the loft of your irons. Using a loft and lie machine to add loft will increase the trajectory - the ball will land softer and stay on the green. You will hit the shots just a far because the ball stays in the air longer, thus increasing your carry distance.
     Modifying your shafts can help, but to a lesser degree. Flighted shafts are designed to produce a higher trajectory in the longer irons, but not the shorter irons. Another method is to install a softer flex in your longer irons than what you have in the rest of the set. Soft stepping is another method where the 3 iron shaft is installed in the 4 iron, the 4 iron shaft in installed in the 5 iron, and so on throughout the set.
     If you have questions about the your equipment give Steve a call or stop by Golf Rx.

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