Friday, July 25, 2014

Simplify your swing thoughts

In these days with unlimited access to golf videos, internet instruction, the Golf Channel and the rest I find many students making the swing more complicated than it really is. If you're struggling and feeling confused with too much theory play your next few rounds based on "two turns combined with the swinging of your arms".
Think of the backswing simply as the first turn. Think of moving your right side out to the way as your arms swing the club back and up. Simplify your downswing as well. Forget all the stuff about head, hips, late hit and all the rest. Simply picture your downswing as the second turn - moving your left side out of the way as your arms swing the club down and through the ball.
If you have a proper grip and set up, and can keep your head reasonably still and your feet firmly on the ground during the backswing, using this approach could do a lot for your game.
Using this method you'll quickly discover the swing really isn't a complicated movement. Besides, how much can you think about in 1 1/2 seconds? That is the amount of time the average golf swing takes from start to finish.

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