Monday, August 5, 2013

Save on lessons the month of August

    Now is a great time to save money on golf instruction. During the month of August choose to save $20.00 on a four lesson package, or save $40.00 on a six lesson package at Golf Rx. Steve offers both indoor and outdoor instruction with the use of V1 Digital Video for each student.  
     Steve was named the 192 Teacher of the Year in the Georgia PGA Central Chapter, and has over 25 years of experience in working with students of all levels. He has also written three instructional books and has been featured in PGA Magazine, Tee Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.
     Steve's teaching methodology is to treat each student as an individual. His teaching sessions are fun and easy to understand and are done in a relaxing atmosphere. Steve is a big supporter of video in his lessons because pictures do not lie. It is much easier for students to see their mistakes on film than to hear about them Steve also uses teaching aids whenever possible to help the student feel the correct movement.
    His number one rule is not to confuse a student with too much information at once. He identifies the biggest fault and corrects that first.
      Call or come by today to schedule your lesson with Steve at Golf Rx.

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