Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chipping Mis-hit shots / Poor distance control

20 Most common shot problems

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Diagnosis:  Chipping – Mis-hit shots / Poor distance control

Explanation:   Poor chipping is almost always the result of an incorrect set up. Often times the player will have the ball too far forward (towards the left foot) with their weight on their right side. Another fault I frequently see is the player standing too far from the ball. Their chance of making solid contact with the ball is very low. Instead their set up position creates a shallow swing path and scooping motion resulting in both fat and thin shots.
       The key to good chipping is solid contact with the ball so that you can control the speed of the ball as it rolls. This starts with a proper set up.

Correction:    First, use a narrow and open stance while keeping your shoulders parallel to the target line. Position the ball back in your stance with your hands forward. Your weight should be on your left side so that your sternum is ahead or to the left of the ball.

    There is no conscious body action when chipping, but rather a back and through pendulum motion with the arms in an even paced movement.  The club head doesn’t pass the hands until the ball is on its way. This set up position creates a descending angle of attack through impact, and minimizes the chance of the club contacting the turf before the ball. 

    A good practice drill is to place a club shaft opposite your right foot behind the ball and swing over it going back and coming down. Making solid contact and developing a feel for how far the ball travels from the length of your back and through motion will result in better distance control and lower scores.    
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