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Shots curve from right to left. Often take turf behind the ball or top the shot along the ground to the right.

20 Most common shot problems

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Diagnosis: Shots curve from right to left. Often you either take turf behind the ball or top the shot along the ground to the right.   

Explanation:  Basically there are three things that need to occur at impact to produce a straight, solid golf shot.  1. The clubhead is moving along the target line. 2. The clubface is square to that on-line path. 3. The clubhead is at the bottom of its downward – upward arc.
For these factors to occur at impact a certain amount to timing is required in the downswing. My definition of timing is the coordination of the leg and hip action with the swinging of the arms. Improper timing occurs when the leg and hip movement doesn’t coordinate with the swinging of the arms - one is either ahead or behind the other.  

If your shots fit the above description you are casting the club with hands and wrists at the start of your downswing. The club is too quick for your leg and hip action. When the hands cast the club into the hitting area before the hips clear the club reaches the bottom of its arc behind the ball and then starts upward. This is why you may hit it fat one time and thin the next. The ball often starts right because the club is moving in that direction at impact due to the hips not clearing. The ball curves left because the hands and arms being too active have closed the clubface to the left of its path at impact. 

I have found the main cause of casting the club is the hands separating to the top of the backswing. The left thumb and right palm separate at the top then reconnect to start the downswing. This reconnection forces the wrists to uncock prematurely.    

Correction:     To cure this problem practice hitting shots with a blade of grass placed between the top of left thumb and right palm. Apply just enough pressure to keep it in place during the swing. This will eliminate your hands separating and the resulting casting of your wrists. This adjustment along with clearing your left hip to the left during the downswing will soon have you hitting straight, solid shots once again. 

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