Friday, December 2, 2011

Understanding the importance of the arms in the release

The better your "release" the more powerful, solid and accurate your shots. You hear the term used constantly in golfing circles and by television commentators. So what exactly is the "release?"

I would best describe it as a free and fast swinging of the clubhead through the ball by the hands, wrists and arms with the emphasis on "the arms". The reason the arms must swing freely is simple. When they do we are able to apply the clubhead to the ball at our maximum speed. When they don't we are generally forced to apply ourselves to the ball; the free and fast swinging of the arms is replaced by a heave of the shoulders. It is this shoulder heave, a hurling of the torso into the shot that limits so many players from reaching their distance potential.

Here is a simple drill that I have found helps more than any other to promote the feel of a free arm swing and a proper release. This drill is to hit balls with your feet together. In this position it is practically impossible to make a shot other than with a free swinging of the arms, hands and clubhead, because any excessive use of the body leads to complete loss of balance.

Tee the ball up slightly and use a five or six iron. You'll be amazed how solidly you'll hit the ball and the distance the ball travels. This drill will help you develop the proper action of the arms and hands which is present in every good golfer's swing.

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