Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Custom Fit Clubs?

Players will often ask me if custom fit equipment will help them play better golf. The answer is always a definite "yes". Consider this example.
Bill and Joe are both wanting to buy new clubs. Bill is 6' 3" tall, has a clubhead speed of 105 mph and is an 8 hdcp. Bill is 5' 8" tall, has a clubhead speed of 83 mph and is a 23 hdcp. There is absolutely no way these two players should be playing the same club. If they are neither player will play up to their potential.
Unfortunately this often occurs because players aren't informed by the sales person that custom fit clubs are available for the same price as off the rack sets. Think about it. You wouldn't purchase a new suit without trying it on first. So why would you invest in new golf equipment without first being custom fit for them?


Golf Rx proudly offers custom fit golf equipment from Ping, Callaway, Taylor Made, Adams Golf and US Kids Golf. Steve personally fits each customer to the right specifications to help them play their very best. He determines the correct length, shaft type and flex, lie angle, grip size and set make up for your stature and swing characteristics.
Golf Rx is also an authorized PGA Trade-in Facility which allows you to trade in your old clubs for credit towards your new custom fitted clubs. We also have a great selection of putters and wedges from Ping, Callaway, Odyssey, Taylor Made and Bettinardi as well as bags from Ping and Ogio.
Golf Rx is also a full service club repair facility for re-gripping, re-shafting and loft and lie adjustments.

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